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An entrepreneur from the start, Ken Lanza began his investment career on Wall St in 1998 during the tech market bubble and just prior to the Y2K scare. After a short apprenticeship with a retail stock firm, Ken pursued his Series 7 license, along with Series 63 to sell securities and trade retail stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. After the dot com crash of 2000, he decided to broaden his investment knowledge and learn more about the inner workings of mutual funds and Insurance-related investments. This journey found him moving from New York to Tucson Arizona where he eventually pursued his Series 65 and insurance licenses, allowing him to give clients investment advice as a Qualified Investment Advisor Representative (IAR).

Not long after moving to Arizona, and with the necessary education and licensing in the industry, Ken became a top producing Investment Advisor in the investment banking channel and eventually moved into the independent channel. Being in a growing market like Tucson, he always had a desire to learn more about how to work real estate investments into his client portfolios. This interest led to the study of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and income-producing notes tied to real property.

In 2012 he left the retail investment industry and began a construction service company to get a better look at the inner workings of the real estate market and how to recognize trends. He eventually obtained the appropriate licensing in that field and began networking with real estate investors and developers to further his practical education in the field. After partnering with several real estate moguls in multiple capacities,  The Lanza Organization began to take shape in 2021 and officially launched in 2022 with a real estate portfolio of Fix-and-Flip projects funded by a network of private money lenders and offering the same investment capital to other real estate investors through Success Lending Group.

The Lanza Organization currently spans as an umbrella over several companies including investment mentoring, lending, project management, and construction. Although one may be hard-pressed to get on the calendar with Envision Contracting, there are other retail services provided through The Lanza Organization in mentoring and project management through Lanza Investment Services or private money lending opportunities through Success Lending Group. There are also opportunities to get residential electrical services or commercial LED Lighting upgrade packages through electrical affiliate Great Lights Electric, which is based in Rochester, NY, and serves 14 states in the Northeastern United States.